“Value-based” Payments

Healthcare in the U.S. is moving away from “fee-for-service” toward “value-based” payments. Pathologists now have the opportunity to define how provider systems can pay for the value that pathologists add. Pathology practices can also learn how to set prices for their groups using publicly available Medicare data.

HBP’s Senior Reimbursement Consultant, Robert Tessier, was recently interviewed for two articles on these topics which appeared in the Dark Report:

  1. Pathology Groups Should Act Now to Define ValueDark Report Article 8-20-2018
  2. Medicare Data Makes Pathology Prices PublicDark Report Article 10-22-2018

Click on the links above to view the articles, and email info@hbpworld.com if you would like customized pricing data for your geographical area.


Dark Report Webinar On Medicare Data

Bob Tessier was a panelist on the March 14, 2018 Dark Report webinar:

Using Medicare Data to Improve Revenue and Pathology Compensation


Topics included:

1.Why is Medicare Data Relevant?

2.New Developments in Hospital Contracts

3.How to Use Competitive Fees in Third-Party Negotiations

4.Winning Patients with Transparent and Competitive Pricing

5.Leveraging the Medicare Database to Boost Revenue and Income

6.Introduction to 2015 Medicare Provider Utilization and Payment Data

Robert Tessier to speak in New Orleans on April 17, 2018 at the AMERICAN PATHOLOGY FOUNDATION’s Coding & Practice Management Seminars.

The topic:


How can you design a practice model that adds value for all stakeholders: Pathologists, Administrators and Billing Managers?

This session will cover developing a system of incentives to maximize the financial success of your practice.


  • Compensate Pathologists for adding value through performance-based incentives
  • Structure bonuses for Practice Administrators generating incremental income through creative strategies
  • Develop a reward system to achieve superior billing results

For more information: http://www.apfconnect.org








Maximizing Pathology Income in 2018

On January 23, 2018, HBP Senior Reimbursement Consultant Robert H. Tessier gave a presentation at the University of Miami’s Leonard M. Miller School of Medicine. This was done as part of the “42nd Annual Review and Recent Practical Advances in Pathology.” His talk Maximizing Pathology Income in 2018 addressed how to:


1.       Implement best practices and targeted financial arrangements

2.       Negotiate third-party contracts

3.       Add performance incentives to hospital contracts to reward value creation