User friendly monthly Financial Reports with a full display of information. Target problems and highlight critical income and expense categories. ( View / Download Financial Report Example)


HBP utilizes efficient payroll services that offer direct deposit, payroll tax filing, automatic check signatures and pre-tax deductions. Working in conjunction with your accountant, we assure correct withholding and track payroll costs as well as time benefits.

Accounts Payable

Timely vendor payments assure cost effective relationships. Accurate vendor-segregated records for accountant and practice review are maintained.

Patient Refunds

Patient refunds are expedited to avoid patient complaints.

Budgeting & Forecasting

Development of financial forecasts to aid in planning and preparing for future results.

Year End Planning

Work with your Accountant to minimize tax liability and to assure Practice Plan is properly implemented.


HBP utilizes its knowledge of the Practice and key indicators to provide better management decisions.

Lockbox Services

HBP provides a unique lockbox service that goes far beyond what is offered by banks. Processing payments at our office allows immediate handling of insurance payments, patient complaints, and bad address returns. We provide a daily Lock Box Log with a history of deposits by third party. This is compared to the monthly budget by payer and includes historical payments.