College of American Pathologists Webinar

“What to Expect During and After the Merger or Acquisition of a Pathology Group” June 20, 2017

Dark Report

The Dark Intelligence Group, COVID-19 STAT Briefings
“Part A and Performance Incentives in the Era of COVID-19″ November 12, 2020

25th Annual Executive War College

“Virtual Meet-Up: Part A and Performance-Based Incentives” September 8, 2020

24th Annual Executive War College

“Negotiating Win-Win Part A Pathology Contracts with Hospitals and Health Networks: Best Approaches to Adding At-Risk Incentives that Deliver Value, Establishing Commercially Reasonable Arrangements, and Determining Fair Market Value for Part A Services” May 1, 2019

24th Annual Executive War College – Panel

“Anatomic Pathology Groups and Their Labs: Effective Strategies for Maintaining Clinical Excellence and Financial Stability During Disruptive Times” April 30, 2019


“Newly Available Medicare Utilization and Price Data for Pathology: Why It’s Important To Your Lab and How To Use It To Boost Revenue and Pathologist Compensation” March 15, 2018

22nd Annual Executive War College

“Boosting Pathologist Income During 2017 with Creative Strategies for Part A, Pricing and Pathology Productivity” May 2, 2017


“Boosting Revenue & Pathologist Income During 2017” January 25, 2017

21st Annual Executive War College

Report on Medicare Physician Data and the Pathologist Workload Study:  Insights to Guide Pricing, Managed Care Negotiations and Improve Part A Agreements” April, 28, 2016


Pathology Practices: Financial and Clinical Strategies for 2016” November 17, 2015

18th Annual Executive War College – Panel

Should Smaller Groups Sell, Merge or Buy?” April 30, 2013

American Pathology Foundation

2018 Coding & Practice Management Seminar

“Designing a Value-Based Practice Model: Setting the Stage for 2018 and Beyond” April 17, 2018

2017 Coding & Practice Management Seminar

“Maximizing Pathology Income, The Best Strategies & Newest Benchmarks” March 28, 2017

 Coding and Practice Management Seminar

“Ten Best Financial Accomplishments and Ten Worst Mistakes I’ve Seen in the Pathology and Laboratory BusinessApril 12, 2016

 Pathology Coding and Practice Management Seminar

“Preparing for Part A Negotiations, What You Should Know” April 10, 2015

Association of Pathology Chairs

West, Midwest and Canada Regional Meeting, Association of Pathology Chairs

“Optimizing Pathology Income October 27, 2016

West, Midwest and Canada Regional Meeting, Association of Pathology Chairs

“Part A Support including Performance Based Incentives” October 23, 2014

University of Miami

 42nd Annual Review & Recent Practical Advances in Pathology

“Maximizing Pathology Income in 2018” January 23, 2018

University of Minnesota

University of Minnesota, Residents & Fellows Presentation

“Pathology Business Affairs 101 Basic” April 12, 2017

California Society of Pathologists

California Society of Pathologists Webinar

Preparing for Part A Contract Negotiations Including Performance Based Incentives” November 18, 2015

G2 Intelligence

Pathology Institute 2014

“Hospital Pathology Contracting in a Dynamic Period:  Maximizing Income through Innovative Arrangements” March 1, 2014