Boosting Revenue & Pathologist Income During 2017

Bob Tessier conducted a Webinar for the Dark Report on January 25, 2017

Boosting Revenue & Pathologist Income During 2017

Topics covered:
Anatomic Pathology Market in the Northeast
Pricing Strategy in the Era of Fee Transparency
2014 Medicare Utilization Database
Third Party Strategy
Top 5 Billing System Scorecard
Great Wall Strategy Extracts
Senior Pathologist Income – Tale of Two Cities
Pathologist WRVU Productivity

Bob Tessier to speak at the APF Coding & Practice Management Seminar in Atlanta

The American Patholgy Foundation’s 2017 Coding and Practice Management Seminar is being held March 27-28, 2017 in Atlanta.

“Maximizing Pathology Income: The Best Strategies & Newest Benchmarks”

Learning Objectives
• Determine how 2016 workload productivity compares to other community hospital Pathology groups
• Comparing billing system results and grading practice performance
• Translate the 2014 Medicare Utilization Report into comparative fees to assure effective pricing in the era of fee transparency
• Assuring reasonable Part A support, providing effective documentation and adding performance based incentive payments