CAP Webinar – June 20, 2017

Bob Tessier and Dr. Karim Sirgi to speak on what to expect during and after the merger or acquisition of a pathology group.

Topics include:

  • Differences between a merger and an acquisition
  • Financial competitive strategies
  • Selecting the best team of advisors
  • Payments models, budgeting concepts, practice operations, and cost structures to maximize income
  • How to achieve the best outcomes for Part A and third party contracts
  • Best intra- and inter-practice communication strategies
  • Use of different classes of stock
  • Post M&A professional & managerial governance and dynamics

Boosting Pathologist Income During 2017 with Creative Strategies for Part A, Pricing and Pathology Productivity

Bob Tessier made this presentation on May 2, 2017 at the Executive War College in New Orleans. The sessions objectives:

  • Calculate a pathologist’s Part A value in 2017
  • Add value-based incentives to the hospital contract
  • Extract fees from the medicare utilization database
  • Include performance measures to the billing system agreement